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Mina is graduated of the Master of International Brand Management from Hamburg, Germany. With the experience of International Business Marketing in the USA and the Middle-East and following the International Marketing Management projects in Germany,  her focus is now Marketing Management and Market Development in the consumer industry in Germany. Her specific skills are creating Brand Awareness through Marketing Management Techniques and Business Communication Strategy to build a reputable corporate brand and deliver profitable solutions for international business development.

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Skills Highlight :

Market Research

Analyze the focused industry trends, competitors updates, and consumer behaviour to provide recommendations to the Marketing & Sales Management Executives.

Marketing Management

Build the Marketing Activation Strategy to grow the Company’s  Brand Position in the defined target market and reach the defined KPIs.

Business Development

Led  Market Development Strategy through collaboration, business networking, and the proper communication strategy.

Digital Marketing

Develop Digital Marketing Strategy and led brands to grow with the Online Marketing Funnel, Blockchain Technology, and Smart Artificial Intelligence Strategies.

International Marketing Manager
International Business Developer
Digital Marketing Advisor

Mina Kordi is the founder and CEO of Tracifier Startup located in Hamburg, Germany. 
Tracifier is a blockchain-based traceability application used for food and certificate verification that supports the accuracy and transparency of customer claims with monitoring and inspecting of products. The Solution covers the whole value chain of food from the early stage of harvesting product in farms, sampling the product for quality assurance, testing in laboratories, and monitoring and auditing the supplying process of goods to the final consumers in the market.The goal is to build a consensus of business nodes and speed up the exchange of information among suppliers in real-time. That helps to the sustainability of the product’s claims by defining exact origin, date, time, and location, or major supplying activities details of a product

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Save the date: September 16th-at 16:30 BST

Very excited to present Tracifier Traceability Solutions at #DiffusionDigital on September 16th- at 16,30 BST, and talking about ”The Progression of Food Traceability” alongside a huge number of brilliant minds in #web3 

Please save the date and join us on our discussion panel.

To find out more and sign up for free: https://diffusion.events/ 


Colleagues Testimonial:

Jako Kordi

Food Production & Quality Manager

Göteborg, Sweden

Mina has unique, energetic and positive personality. Great team player with management capabilities. Her talent in sales and marketing is well-recognized. Always thinking out of the box. I’m endorsing Mina and wish her all the best.

Jako Kordi

Ph.D. Candidate at University of Kentucky – Senior Early Career Spokesperson at American Heart Association
Lexington, Kentucky Area,  the United States

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mina. I hired Mina as a Marketing Assistant during my tenure as the President of Omega Research Team (ORT) and she proved herself to be a valuable asset to the team. She expertly helped the expansion of our international collaborations and regional deals. I was always in awe of Mina’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. I’ve seen Mina go above and beyond in researching promotion and collaboration opportunities with different organizations during the time we worked together. Because of her ‘student for life’ mindset, she was also eager to learn new marketing and brand management techniques, and that’s how she helped the team to become a forerunner in the field. Finally, no matter how tense a meeting, Mina made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Mina earns my highest recommendation.

Shayan Mohammadmoradi, M.S

Karl Schwarz

Karl Schwarz Consulting – Schwarz-Zhang & Partners – Business Consulting & Services, 
Saarbrücken Area, Germany

I had the privilege of cooperating with Mina Kordi for more than 2 years.  Mina Kordi is a proactive, result oriented and responsible business partner. She is always ready to put all her energy and time to find solutions to solve business challenges. She is a great team player and has exceptional management skills. I am looking foreward to have the chance to cooperate with Mina more often in the future.

Karl Schwarz

Hanni XU

International Brand Management Intern, 
Frankfurt am main, Germany

Mina is definitely a hard-working colleague, as she places a high value on responsibility. She is an extroverted, gregarious, and by communicating with her you will feel her authenticity and high openness to new idea and experiences. I enjoyed a lot working with her!

Hanni XU

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Tracifier at #DiffusionDigital 2020 with more that 1000+ visitors

Tracifier at DiffusionDigital 2020 with more than 1000+ visitors
It was an exciting moment for me as a founder to present Tracifier Startup at DiffusionDigital 2020 among 1000+ brilliant minds in #web3 worldwide. Also, I am proud to had the pleasure of hosting great speakers on our panel discussion (The Progression of Food Traceability at #diffusiondigitall 🌾 🚚 )
Dr.Jürgen Kuballa from GALAB Laboratories GmbH
Joost Volker from Oracle
Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt from @thenewfork
Scott Collen from Outlier Ventures
Mina Kordi from Tracifier
For sure it’s just a new start in my professional career to handling a discussion panel and present among the huge community of visitors.
Other presentation sessions are loading 😉

Tracifier at Diffussion 2019

All starts from Diffusion 2019 in Berlin. Such a great event, such a great network. Not only I found my co-founder, but, also I got to know the right blockchain network. And today, we are part of the third cohort of Outlier Ventures Base Camp Acceleration program.

We are here to turn great ideas into reality!

Stay tuned with us!

Food traceability and Certificate Verification Application
Powered by Blockchain.

The Blockchain Summit Frankfurt – Great Solutions & Networking

I experienced an amazing day at the Blockchain Summit Frankfurt on March 26th, 2019.
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