Tracifier presented at the Hyperledger Supply Chain Special Interest Group (SIG)

Tracifier allows organizations in the food industry to obtain information about the origin, testing, processing, transportation, and storage of food products and reduces the risk of selling damaged or expired goods in markets. We believe the first step of the traceability solutions starts from the business side and at the early stage from the farm, testing laboratories for product certificates, distribution centres, manufacture, and then retail stores. When we can defend the supply chain against fraudulent activities at the early stage of supplying a product, then there is less possibility of delivering rotten food products to the market.

After a successful panel discussion on DiffusionDigital 2020 with more than 1000+ audiences, we are grateful to go to the next event and present Tarcifier on the Hyperledger Supply Chain Special Interest Group (SIG)

About SIG:

Hyperledger Supply Chain Special Interest Group (SIG) represents a global membership of logistics and supply chain professionals united in advancing the state of the supply chain industry through the implementation of enterprise-grade technology solutions utilizing the Hyperledger greenhouse of business blockchain frameworks and tools including Hyperledger’s supply chain project, Hyperledger Grid. ( description has been take from the SIG Website: source)

Join us on SIG:

October 15 2020: 12-13h (ECT), 18h-19h Central European Time (CET)

To find out more about the event look at the presentation lists on 15th of October 2020 at: